Review of manuscripts

1.Each manuscript is reviewed by two reviewers selected by the Editorial Board, and the reviewers do not know the authors’ names nor have they the name of the institutes from which the article originated. We do not disclose the names of the reviewers to authors of manuscripts. The Editorial Board presents texts of reviews to the Authors.

2.The Reviewer qualifies a manuscript as

  • suitable for printing without making corrections
  • suitable for printing after making corrections according to the Reviewer’s instructions without having to re-review the manuscript
  • suitable for printing after rewriting it in accordance with the Reviewer’s observations and after re-reviewing the manuscript
  • not suitable for printing

3. Changes in the manuscript made after the review should be marked in red.

4.The manuscript may also be sent to the Authors asking to adapt it to the requirements of the Editorial Board. Corrected manuscripts must be returned within 7 days from the date of sending them by the Editorial Board.

5.The Author shall be obliged to demonstrate (within Literature of the submitted manuscript) that the Author knows the achievements of the journal to which it directs the manuscript.

6.Sample prints of the manuscript shall be sent to the Author for correspondence to make final adjustments, and the Author should return it to the Editorial Board within five days. Only small adjustments primarily related to printing errors will be accepted.

7.The Editorial Board reserves the right to make changes to style, nomenclature and abbreviations – without consulting the author.