Rules of ethics

  • Authors of papers should indicate in the letter to the Editorial Board that the sent manuscript has not been published anywhere else nor sent to another Editorial Board.
  • The Author for correspondence must attach appropriate permission to reprint the manuscript obtained from the Publisher, if the manuscript contains figures, tables or other illustrations (own or someone else’s) which have previously been published somewhere else.
  • The published manuscripts cannot disclose personal data of patients unless they have given their written consent (which should be included in the manuscript).
  • Manuscripts on research made on humans must be approved by the appropriate ethics committee which should be indicated in the text in the part on MATERIALS AND METHODS.
  • What is more, publications on experimental studies on animals must include a statement that the studies were approved by a relevant committee.
  • Proof of acceptance should be included in the manuscript in the description of the research methodology.
  • Each person who has made a significant contribution to the development of the article is co-authored and should define its contribution.